Sigma Sport ROX 11.0 GPS – Cycle Computer


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Train better. Perform better.

The ROX GPS 11.0 is the training tool for users with the highest demands. The sport profiles can be diversely adapted using the DATA CENTER. Strava Live segments encourage users to get more personal bests. With GPS route navigation and numerous features, the ROX GPS 11.0 is your ideal companion.


  • Challenge yourself!
    The live segments turn every ride into a race. The segments can be loaded onto the ROX GPS via the DATA CENTER. While riding, you have a live view of the fastest times and can compare them to your own performance.
  • GPS Track-Navigation
    Equipped with GPS, the ROX GPS 11.0 offers outstanding route navigation along a previously loaded or saved route. New routes can also be created in the DATA CENTER. Five navigation functions and graph-based route map will guide you to your final destination. The navigation functions include: “time to destination”, “distance to destination”, “off-route alarm”, “waypoint alarm”, and the “route view”.
  • Waypoints
    The DATA CENTER can be used to set waypoints with individual information notices. When approaching a waypoint, the personal note appears on the display. The waypoint is also announced by an alarm.
  • Custom sport profiles
    Thanks to the three pre-configured training profiles, (“road bike”, “mountain bike”, “other”) your training can begin the moment you take your ROX out of the box. Simply select a profile and start riding. Through the DATA CENTER, you can adjust profiles, or create your own. Custom settings include training views, automatic laps and automatic stops.
  • Trainings views
    Do you prefer more information at once, or do you prefer fewer, larger, easy to read functions? The new, customizable training views let you be in control of the ROX GPS 11.0
    The ROX GPS 11.0 can connect to smart phones using Bluetooth Smart and the new SIGMA LINK app. Now you can wirelessly transfer settings, routes and even trip data between devices, plus see calls or messages live as they are received. The SIGMA CLOUD keeps the SIGMA LINK app in sync with the DATA CENTER