Sigma BC 9.16 ATS Wireless


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Bike functions:

- Actual Speed
- Average speed
- Calories (Speed based)
- Clock (12/24h)
- Comparison of cur. / avg. Speed
- Day trip
- Maximum speed
- Ride Time / Training time
- Total calories*
- Total distance
- Total Ride Time / Overall training time


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We all know that riding a bike is one of the best ways to get in shape! The BC 9.16’s speed based calorie counter will keep track of your progress towards reaching your fitness goals.

Nine functions and more:
– In additional to the functions found in a classic bicycle computer, the BC9.16 also calculates caloric consumption! Features at a glance:
– Actual speed
– Average speed
– Maximum speed
– Trip Distance
– Total Distance
– Ride time
– Total ride time
– Clock (12/24h)
– Calories
– Total calories

Calories burned:
– The BC 9.16 estimates the calories burned on each ride based on speed and ride time.

Maximum speed display:
– On a single screen, the BC9.16 shows the maximum speed, current speed, and current speed compared to average speed.

Speed comparison:
– The BC 9.16 continuously compares current and average speed. When there is a difference, the result is indicated by an upward or downward arrow.

Predefined tire sizes:
– Setting the wheel size is extremely easy using the tire size.
– From 16 inches to 700C to 29 inches, the wheel size can be set easily using predefined tire sizes.
– Of course, it is also possible to manually enter the wheel size in millimetres.

Ride time up to 100 h:
– With a ride time of up to 100 hours, you can record and save the trips of your complete cycling holiday.

Bike inspection reminder function:
– Thanks to the service interval, you are reminded to submit your bike to an inspection after a freely selectable number of kilometers cycled. The service interval can only be enabled/disabled and pre-configured by the retailer. The retailer can set the desired number of kilometres using the UNIVERSAL FAST SETTING BOX. The device comes with the service interval disabled.

Maximum display, minimum size:
– The new sleek, vertically orientated TOPLINE 2016 computers will look great on your stem or handlebar.
– We’ve maximized the display size and slimmed down the computer housing to show the largest, easiest to read numbers and letters possible.

– Height x width x depth: 50 mm x 35,5 mm x 10,2 mm

– Height x width: 27 mm x 35 mm

Tool-free mounting:
– The wire harness, with its sleek, slim design is both handlebar and stem compatible and fits any sized fork with either an oring or cable ties.

Data evaluation:
– All SIGMA TOPLINE 2016 computers are downloadable. An optional USB docking station lets you transfer information from your bicycle computer to your Mac/PC to keep track of your rides.

Watertight in accordance with IPX8:
– The BC 9.16 is waterproof according to the international standard IPX 8.
– This means there is ´protection against permanent immersion´.
– Nothing stands in the way during the next ride in the rain.

– Two new spoke magnets (standard and power) are equipped with a one-piece click-mount clamp. Installation is easier than ever. Magnets can be installed and removed without tools.