Selle SMP Blaster Saddle



  • Cover: Real leather (black), Microfiber (colored)
  • Dimensions: 266 x 131mm
  • Padding: Minimalist foam elastomer
  • Body: Nylon 12 reinforced with Carbon Fibre
  • Rails: AISI 304 Stainless Steel
  • Recommended For: Road/MTB
  • Weight: 255g


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Selle SMP Blaster Saddle

The Selle SMP Blaster Saddle features a narrow body to make it ideal for riders with a small to narrow sit bone width. It also has a large central cut-out to reduce pressure on the perineum area and a nose that drops away to prevent numbness in sensitive areas. Long distance comfort over a mixture of terrains has been well accounted for too, as the rear section of the saddle is raised to put you in an optimum pedalling position and reduce pressure on your coccyx.