Selle Italia Iron Flow Saddle



LORICA cover featuring high abrasion resistance and durability

A layer of extra padding, for extra comfort

Tapered shape of the nose reduces thigh rub

Special net insert in the central channel helps with draining and drying

Rear aero spoiler

Rail: TI 316 Tube 7 mm

Use: Triathlon

Product Data

Rail Material: Alloy

Road: Yes



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The Iron Saddle is the epitome of lightness, aerodynamics and comfort for triathletes. It is a concentration of technology and innovation that is capable of improving overall performance in all aspects of the discipline. With the frame set further back and the saddle position further forward in relation to the bottom bracket axle, you can save a significant amount of muscle energy.

The tapered shape of the nose reduces rubbing between the inside thigh and the side of the saddle and helps with pedalling movement. The special net insert in the central channel helps with draining and drying of wet clothes thereby helping to reduce incidences of sores. The rear aero spoiler helps reduce the vortex cascade effect which produces turbulence behind the rides body and it also provides an improved and more comfortable support whilst the arms are resting on the handlebars. The spoiler also contains a reflector to increase safety while training at night.