RITCHEY WCS Micro Pedals



  • Body: Stainless steel
  • Axle Material: CroMo
  • Claw: Alloy
  • Inner Bearing: Bushing
  • Middle Bearing: Needle
  • Outer Bearing: Sealed cartridge
  • Float: 5-degrees
  • Finish: Nickel
  • Weight: 208g


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The perfect gravel bike pedal is back.

Standard road pedals and cleats will get jammed with rocks and mud, and mountain bike pedals are heavier and offer less cornering clearance, which is critical when combined with a road bike’s lower bottom bracket height. Enter Tom Ritchey’s personal favorite pedal, the Pro Micro Road – the only road pedal that can keep going when the pavement ends.

Its proven retention system offers fast, predictable entry-and-release and excellent mud-shedding characteristics. With a superlight one-sided stainless steel body, the Micro’s low-profile design offers exceptionally low axle-to-cleat height for optimal pedaling efficiency and Incredible cornering clearance.