Muc-Off Miracle Shine Polish


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Deep, luxurious shine
No powdery white residue
All-in-one Polish & Protectant
Unique Fluoro Polymer (PTFE) Technology
Effortless application


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Muc-Off Miracle Shine Polish is the ultimate high-quality bike polish and protectant. Specifically engineered to provide a deep and luxurious shine that will defy the elements to keep your frame looking brand new.

Muc-Off’s unique formula contains a combination of 3 separate waxes alongside a number of highly advanced ingredients to produce a thorough protective treatment that is safe to use on paintwork, carbon fibre, chrome, metal, and plastics.

Carnauba Wax and Silicone Oils

Containing carnauba wax, a principal component of this Miracle Shine Polish, that’s universally recognised as the hardest naturally occurring wax. Silicone oils allow easy application and provide a glossy shine whilst additional polishing aids remove small imperfections, fill mirror scratches, and boost both the appearance and feel of your racing machine and components without leaving a chalky white residue.