Guee Inox Mini 300 Front Light


Brightness 300 Lumens
Power Source Rechargeable
Run Time From 12 hours to 3 hours depending on what mode is used
Mounting Tool Free
Light modes 5
Front/Rear/Set Front


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The Guee Inox Mini Front Light is an ingenious and complex design of the INOX and is not just for function, but a great looking combination to go with your bicycle as well.

A clever beam for forward illumination of up to 50 Metres and downward light spread widely from the front wheel, which gives nice clear view. Re-charged through micro USB, built in ambient light sensor extends the run-time on each charge.

Clever beam for forward illumination out to 50M, and downward light spreading widely from the front wheel for better visibility. Built in Smart Ambient Sensor for better run-time performance, changes light output (from 50 to 300 lumens) depending on the amount of ambient present.