Garmin Varia UT800 Smart Headlight Trail


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  • Up to 800 lumen light output
  • Automatically adjusts to ambient light conditions
  • Compatible with Edge cycling computers
  • 5 different light modes
  • Weighs 130g
  • Dimensions: 96.6 x 33.5 x 29.7mm
  • Up to 8 hours of battery life
  • 270-degrees of side visibility
  • Waterproof


Out of stock

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A super powerful 800 lumen smart headlight that is compatible with your edge computer for automatic lighting that adjusts to your surroundings.

Smart Compatibility

You can pair the Varia Smart Headlight to your Edge cycling computer to gain the best in automatic lighting technology. Once paired your Varia light will automatically adjust its beam dependent on your speed and ride profile. For example when you are travelling at high speeds the Vario will provide more light than when you are travelling at slower speeds. The light also instinctively adjusts to ambient light conditions.

Side Visibility

When cycling in built up urban areas or using busier, multi-laned roads it’s often important not just to stay visible from the front and back but also to stay seen from multiple different angles. The Vario therefore has a specially designed beam that produces up to 270-degrees of visibility ensuring that you stay seen.

Light Modes

The Vario comes with five different light modes which you can easily toggle between and choose between dependent on your current lighting environment and your battery life. The modes include:

Mode One (High) – 800 lumen output and 1.5 hour battery life

Mode Two (Medium) – 400 lumen output and 3 hours battery life

Mode Three (Low) – 200 lumen output and 6 hours battery life

Mode Four (Night Flash) – 100 to 300 lumen output and 6 hours battery life

Mode Five (Day Flash) – More than 700 lumen output and 25 hours battery life

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Varia UT800 Smart Headlight

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