Fulcrum Racing 5 LG Wheelset



  • Weights: Front 753g Rear 892g
  • Racing 5 wheels are compatible with Campagnolo®Shimano and Sram drivetrains.


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Designed with a slightly wider rim to facilitate an easier fitting of 25c tyres. This means the rider can benefit from better comfort, better grip and slower tyre wear.Racing 5 are designed for everyday use and training.

An optimum proposal from Fulcrum which guarantees excellent quality.Oversized hubs with flanges for blade hammer-head spokes and sealed high-quality bearings ensure smoothness.The rear wheel incorporates a new single-piece body which embodies the freewheel body and pawl carrier in a single component resulting in a considerable weight reduction.

Fulcrum 2:1 spoke ratio on rear wheeldouble the number of spokes on the drive side for greater wheel stability and improved power transfer in the rear wheel. 20 radial aero spokes on front wheel 24 on rear.The wheels have two oversized spokes to balance the concentration of the rim joint material during wheel rotation, Fulcrum call this Dynamic Balance.

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Campagnolo, Shimano