Fulcrum 2019 Racing Quattro Carbon Wheelset



  • Weight – 1555 g
  • Rim material – UD Full carbon fibre
  • Width – 24,2 mm, ETRTO 17C (tire fit 25 mm to 50 mm)
  • Height – front & rear: 40 mm
  • Braking surface – 3K Carbon fibre braking surface with 3Diamant treatment.


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The Racing Quattro Carbon incorporates an extremely advanced carbon fibre rim with technology deriving from wheels that come at a much higher price point. The carbon fibre rim allows for less rotational weight and thus increased reactivity in addition to an overall lower weight.

Quicker accelerations on both the flats as well as on inclines and less weight to drag up the longer climbs that challenge every rider eventually. Working with carbon fibre allowed the engineers at Fulcrum to develop an aerodynamic shape that reduces drag and allows the athlete to use his energy to propel himself in front of the competition as opposed to fighting against air resistance.

The Racing Quattro Carbon also takes advantage of technology developed for the World Tour athletes that has trickled down upon its braking surface in the form of the 3Diamant treatment which renders its stopping power closer to that of aluminum than that of carbon. All the benefits of a carbon rim with the safety and stopping power of the aluminium rim.

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