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DeFeet Slipstream Shoe Covers Cordura have grown to become some of the most popular shoe covers on the market and it is easy to see why. The stretchy and comfortable material does a great job of keeping your feet warm while also preventing your shoes from being ruined by road debris and mud.


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As recently as the late 1980’s, professional road cyclists would wear a pair of socks over their shoes while racing and training.If asked why they did this, they would answer It’s warmer, more aerodynamic, keeps my shoes cleaner, looks better, and it makes me faster. Of course, one could argue that putting cotton socks over cycling shoes makes none of those possible. DeFeet crafted a solution that actually keeps windchill off the feet, creates smoother lines, keeps dirt out, looks better, and ultimately makes riders faster. These also last much longer than the old fix. Put a modern twist on old school class with the Slipstream.Composition: 56% Cordura Nylon, 32% Lycra, 7% Elastic, 5% Nylon

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