BRN Bike Lamp SENSITIVE 650 Lumen


Product DATA

  • Runtime: Up to 6 hours
  • Materials: ABS / Aluminium
  • Power indicator: Led
  • Dimensions: 80x48x100mm (bracket included). Weight: 100g
  • Battery: Lithium LIR 17280v Rechargeable Casing Content: Torch / Bracket /
  • Micro USB power wire

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SENSITIVE SMART BEAM: Auto remote and intelligent beam adjustment

The built-in sensor detects the ambient light and automatically adjusts the intensity of the light beam

Craftsman’s exclusive optical technology illuminates the lumpy roadway clearly as good as the car’s headlamp

Perfect cut-off line prevents the eyes of the oncoming cyclist being offended. The light beam can reach 35/40 Lux at the distance of 10m