BRN Arrow Fototech


Product Information

• Fototech BRN Lens are made with NXTTM e VARIATM technology, undergoing a heat polymerization process that al-lows infinite transitions, unlike photochromic film lenses, which have a limited number of transitions.
• Thanks to VARIATM technology, lenses are really adaptive to light changes, ensuring the maximum comfort
• Photocromatic Range: 78%
• Transition form transparent state (77% Tv – Category 1) to dark state (17% Tv – Category 3) take place in 30 seconds
• Perfect for both outdoor and indoor usage
• Anti-fog coated on the inner-lens surface, EN168 Certificated, the lens resist to anti-mist test up to 150
seconds (normal lenses only 30 seconds)
• UV 400 Protection




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