About Bikeman

The purpose of any company should be to make peoples live better. Otherwise they shouldn’t exist”. Bill Ford, executive chairman, Ford motor group.

about bikemanFrom very small beginnings in a garden shed over 20 years ago, Bikeman has come a long way, and we’ve an even a longer  way to go yet.

At Bikeman its our mission to energise people with our passion for cycling, we will strive to meet and exceed our customer expectations.

Through quality products and superior customer service, we aim to be the hub of cycling in Ireland. At Bikeman we appreciate each and every cycling enthusiast that has helped us along the way and we look forward to welcoming plenty more in the future, it is very important to us that we satisfy your biking needs for everything you may require.

That’s how we think of our business, as a very large extended cycling family and one that is important to us each and every day. We hope that in time you consider our store as part of your family also. Your bikes, your kids bikes, your friends bikes will always matter to Bikeman.

Contact us anytime, even if its not to purchase anything, we are always glad to pass on any advice or assistance. We are never too busy for our cycling family members

From the Bikeman team

Thank you again, and enjoy your journey.

Bikeman – Every Ride – Every Day